Windows XP Running Slow? – Now Speed Up Your Computer This Way

It is fact that when you use Windows XP, it becomes slow over time. It keeps freezing up frequently and program not responding, blue screen or even crash. And some computer are stuffed with svchost.exe errors, DLL errors, ActiveX errors and so on.

There are many things can result in Windows XP running slow. Most cases can attribute to excessive junk files, corrupted or missing system files and registry. The later two issues not only can cause low computer performance, but also cause computer crash.

Windows XP has a history record mechanism which will automatically record all tasks and processes. That is, you will leave evidences and junk files on your computer when you use it. When those evidences and junk files accumulates, they will take up a large amount of your disk space and slow down your PC. So you should clean up those evidences and junk files and free the disk space.

And system files are also very important. Some system DLL files, EXE file are vital to the system speed and stability. Those file are mainly saved at C:\WINDOWS\system32 and C:\WINDOWS\system. If any of them are corrupted or lost, the consequence can be very serious. Your computer will slow down, have svchost.exe errors, DLL errors and ActiveX errors, and encounter frequent blue screen and even crash.

One of the most important parts of Windows is Registry. Registry is a database which contains information and settings for hardware, operating system software, most non-operating system software, and user settings. All the hardware and software on Windows need the data in registry to work properly. If one registry key is missing or damaged, that is, some information is lost or incorrect, the hardware and software will be not responding, not work properly, or even cause Windows to freeze up or crash.

To speed up windows xp and get rid of potential problems, it’s very vital to clean up the evidences and junk files, and repair system files and registry regularly. You can find some software to help you do a complete scan of system and registry.