reseller hosting

When you need reseller hosting, you completely depend on the hosting provider. If you choose the wrong one, it is a certainty you will have problems. This is why you should always take the following into account whenever looking for reseller hosting options.

Features For Customers

You have to think about your future customers and make sure you give them what they want for you. This is one of the most important things is to fully understand the target audience and then choose reseller hosting based on exactly that.

You can use tools like Keyword Planner and Google Trends to figure out who your ideal customer is. Analyze the competition with tools like SEMrush and figure out what hosting packages are offered, together with prices. This allows you to build an offering that is actually attractive, based on what the provider gives you.

Uptime Rates

We are talking about technology, which can always fail. With reseller hosting, the uptime of the packages you offer to your customers is dictated by the provider. This is why you should never choose without looking at what is offered, which is normally presented as a percentage. Without really high reseller uptimes, it is a certainty clients will avoid your business.

Remember that if the servers of the hosting providers go down, your customers go offline. This can easily lead to huge consequences, like lost sales and conversions. Sometimes, even SEO rankings can go down. Choose only those hosting packages with very high uptime rates or the business simply cannot succeed.

Customer Reviews

Chances are, when you buy something online, you first read customer reviews. With reseller hosting, the same approach helps you make the best possible choice. See what customers say by reading testimonials, feedback on the website of the provider, and case studies. If there are third party review services that cover the considered provider, this is another option to take into account.

Another thing that you can do is to simply use Google to look for places where clients talked about the services offered by the hosting provider. This can even give you inside information about technical support and uptime rates.

High Performance

The last thing to remember is that a site cannot be successful without performance. Loading times have to be short or the site will end up with lower conversion rates and higher bounce rates.

While it is close to impossible to know the factors used by search engines to determine rankings, it is clear that user experience is always taken into account. This is why the best hosting provider for reseller packages is the one that offers the highest possible performance.


As you can see, most of your choice is about the research you do. The more you learn about the considered hosting provider, the higher the possibility you will make the best choice. Never hurry the research and have patience. Just consider reliable reseller hosting providers and test the customer support department before making the first payment for information about how you will be taken care of as a customer.