Slow Network – Tips to Fix Slow Network Problems

Have you ever been annoyed that the network speed is quite slower than before? For example, it takes more and more time to open a website while there is nothing wrong with the Explorer. Well, in this article, you can learn some useful tips to fix slow network problems.

In the very first place, it is the problem of network itself. The bandwidth of aim website server is not large or overloaded. This is the easiest problem and what you need to do is to change to other websites or change other to visit it.

Secondly, you may have used too many firewalls. If you use too many firewalls, it can slow down network for sure. The simplest way is to uninstall those unnecessary ones and just need to keep a powerful one, it is sufficient to serve very well for computer. You can remove such excessive firewall so as to improve net work speed.

And then, the system resource is too low. It is probably that there are excessive applications running in the background and computer is unable to spare enough resource for network. In order to solve this problem, you should load programs and delete useless applications and files properly so as to free up more space. By doing this, you can speed up network.

Next, computer worms may reduce network speed. Worm virus that is spread through E-mail has affected network more and more seriously. Such virus can force the affected users to send E-mails restlessly. Numerous junk E-mails are sent from your computer every second while millions of them are returned to your server in batches.

In this way, such rubbish is piling up in the server and slows down speed. As a result, you should upgrade anti-virus software and your computer and install patching program in time as well. And do not forget to uninstall those unnecessary services and to close down needless ports so as to improve safety and stability of system.