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Senior Network Engineer

  • Work with the stakeholders to continually refine network requirements for the SKA telescopes to ensure they meet the system requirements in an appropriate and cost-effective manner.
  • Support the ongoing network design activities required for procurement.
  • Develop the technical content of the network procurement packages once the designs have been agreed.
  • Assist in the deployment and support of the telescope networks.
  • Assist with security audits and risk assessments undertaken by specialists inside and outside of the organisation.
  • Be an integral member of an international networking team.
  • Provide updates and reports as necessary on the status of the SKA network installation in South Africa.
  • Travel, as required, to national and international meetings to represent the company and the Computing and Software of SKA-Mid in South Africa in particular.



Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Information Technology or Electrical Engineering or equivalent qualifications.


  • 10 years’ experience in the architecture and design of large network systems with a demonstrable understanding of new and emerging networking and security technologies.
  • Demonstrated experience of data centre networking technologies.
  • Proven experience in the installation, optimisation and maintenance of network and security devices and services, and the ability to assure compliance with company security policies and applicable legislation and regulations.
  • A demonstrable understanding of Lean Principles, including the importance of customer focus and the minimisation of waste in business processes.
  • Experience in a leadership position, or evidence of potential to fulfil a leadership position, promoting diversity and developing an inclusive, high-performing culture.

Desired Skills:

  • • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • • Adaptability
  • Management/Leadership

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