Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Design Tips

Presentations are a vital form of business communication that help professionals and teams sell/share their ideas with the audience effectively within a short span of time. Presentations are normally used to inform, persuade, motivate, or educate the audience by keeping them engaged with interesting slides and infographics throughout the conversation. There are over 1 billion people worldwide who use MS Office and PowerPoint agreeably the most popular tool used by business professionals for creating presentations.

Since the visual appearance of the presentation can have a significant impact on the message communicated with the target audience, presenters normally spend a lot of time trying to craft their ideas into beautifully designed slides. Microsoft introduced the PowerPoint Designer in its 2016 edition and ever since the feature has been getting better. In this write-up, we will let you know what PowerPoint Designer is and how it helps you create presentations quickly. You are also introduced to few Microsoft Office training courses that can help you get the best from your Microsoft suite of services. Read on to find out.

What is PowerPoint Designer?

PowerPoint Designer is an AI-powered tool which offers design suggestions to the user whenever he/she types in words in the slide of his/her presentation. Since the design process is automated by PowerPoint Designer, the user can get access to many professional layouts in the form of suggestions quickly within the click of a button.

Here are few ways in which PowerPoint Designer tool helps business professionals complete their presentations successfully.

  • It Saves Time

One of the major challenges professionals face when creating presentation is with choice of fonts, colors, designing the layout etc. This process is time-consuming and when the professional is facing a short deadline, it might be even more difficult. The PowerPoint Designer can be a major savior since it saves a lot of time by throwing suggestions in front of the professional after he/she enters text into the slide and clicks on the button “Design Ideas” under the Design tab of the menu bar.

  • Professionally Designed Slide Layouts to Choose from

The suggestions put forward by the Designer tool are very professional and contain rich design elements. There are many types of themes and infographics that come along with the design. Many things such as the font size, color and alignment are automatically taken care by the PowerPoint Designer tool.

  • Intelligent Nature of the AI Powered Tool

As a user, you may find it fascinating as to how intelligent the AI-powered tool of PowerPoint is. The tool is capable of identifying list and adding bullets, adding infographics in the form of icons that connects with a heading whenever there is something relevant in its library and a lot more.

Upgrading PowerPoint Design Skills with Microsoft Office Training

Microsoft offers a wide variety of training and certification courses for teams to upgrade their skills and improve efficiency and productivity at work. It has professional Microsoft Office courses for preparing learners to work on Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher and many other tools from Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office training from an authorized training partner of Microsoft can have many benefits for organizations. The instructors are well-trained and can respond to queries spontaneously. The training process is hands-on and with online classes, learners will be able to access labs from anywhere.