Meet Windows 11: Microsoft’s new educational video series is

Using an operating system such as Windows 11 is not exactly rocket science, but if you are new to Windows in general or could use a few tips, then Microsoft’s new Meet Windows 11 video series may just be for you.

Microsoft published the first three videos of the educational series on its support website. It is unclear if more videos will be added at a later point in time.

The three videos highlight Windows 11 features to new and inexperienced users.

The first video, called “the basics”, has a rather odd assortment of tips. It gives short descriptions of the built-in search, desktop groups, the usefulness of using a Microsoft Account, some keyboard shortcuts, OneDrive, and the Tips and Get Started apps.

Take the keyboard shortcuts that Microsoft mentions in the first part of the series.  There is Windows+S to start searches, Windows+Left to display a window on the left side of the screen, Windows-V to open the Clipboard History, Windows-Semicolon to open the emoji panel, and Windows-H to open voice typing. The search shortcut is listed twice on the page. While some are certainly useful, others sound awfully specialized for an introductory video. A link leads to the master keyboard shortcuts listing, which is useful.

The one or two sentences that Microsoft uses to describe a feature lack depths. The Tips app description tells you that it may help you “discover surprising and useful things you can do with Windows”. Some descriptions have links to support articles to learn more about the feature.

The second video focuses on Microsoft Edge’s Collections feature, voice typing (again), digital pens, widgets, personalization and snap. There is even less text for each, and the digital pen description is just a link to a support page.

The third and final video talks about the Photos and Phone Link apps, refreshed apps in Windows 11, Microsoft Edge browsing, and the Microsoft Store.

Closing Words

The new Meet Windows 11 video series seems to targets a very specific audience and focuses on highlighting some of the features of the operating system. Some links are provided, at least for those who stumble upon the support pages and not just the videos.

The comments on YouTube appear to be positive for the most part, and the videos have thousands of views already.

Now You: do you find these videos useful? Which features would you have showcased?


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Meet Windows 11: Microsoft’s new educational video series is now available


Microsoft published a new educational video series, Meet Windows 11, in which it highlights some of the operating system’s features.


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