How to make your content more SEO friendly?


It has already been said thousands of times and still has to be said is that content is king. Things are getting more challenging in the digital marketing arena with growing competition. With this, the needs of optimizing content are also getting more and more crucial. It has become essential to make the contents qualitatively rich, and SEO optimized at the same time. How to do the same? The following points can be handy.

Do proper keyword research

SEO optimization is certainly impossible without proper keyword research. Hence, it is important to identify the keywords to be focussed for the targeted users. The contents need to be well researched, for which finding the best resource is absolutely important. To be specific, the long-tail keywords should be emphasized more on it for better ranking.

The best recommendation would be to take the help of Google Keyword Planner. The keyword should be included in the title, within the URL, and within the Meta description. Apart from these, it should be used at the subtitles, image names, and tags. However, one should not overstuff the keywords.

Write catchy titles

It is absolutely important to use a captivating title with the contents. The following points should be taken in to account.

  • The target keywords should be used at the starting of the title.
  • It is good to keep the title length constrained within 60 characters; best would be to stuff keyword within this.
  • It should provide the utmost clarity about the idea of the content upon being gone through.

Maintain proper lengths of paragraphs

It is advised in modern times to keep the paragraph length not-too-long. It should be precise, and the words should be very accurate to define things well. It is good to keep the paragraphs in 6-7 lines, or 4 sentences of around 20 words in each.

Strategize the Meta description for contents

Optimization of Meta description is an integral part of the content optimization. The length of the Meta description should not exceed more than 160 characters. As discussed above, the proper keyword should be stuffed within the Meta.

Internal and external linking

There should be proper linking within the content for better optimization of contents. Proper internal linking should be done to keep the audience engaged within site. While doing external linking, top authority sites should be chosen. Moreover, the anchor text for the link should be appropriate and catchy.

Use proper length for contents

Content length may vary between 500-2000 words. It depends upon the posts actually. All that needs to be ensured is that the content is engaging and in proper flow.

Consistently upgrade the content

No matter how good is the quality, it’s worthless if not updated regularly. It is important as Google considers those platforms as key resources when it gets updated on a consistent basis. Emphasis should be given on evergreen topics for the blogs; those don’t get expired with time.

Call to action

The content should encourage users to take action. To be specific, there should be a proper social media share button for greater exposure. It’s a proven way to increase the reach of the content.

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