Build beautiful and fast sites with this intuitive website builder


TLDR: Easy website creation for visual builders is the calling card of this Sparkle Pro Website Builder lifetime subscription offer.

Website builder apps have a tough job. They need a robust set of cutting edge features and customization options to keep web development pros happy, while being simple enough that a first-time user can get a good looking site completed without pulling their hair out.

That’s a finer line than you might realize. Many apps and services are either too simplistic and short of creative options for the diehards, or head-swimmingly complicated for the newbies. However, Mac owners have been embracing an option that seems to strike a nice balance between those poles: Sparkle Pro Website Builder. Right now, a lifetime subscription is available for over 40 percent off the regular price, just $69.99 from TNW Deals.

Sparkle Pro was developed with a visual first edict, which is why their entire approach to website building never gets bogged down in HTML and CSS and stays focused on allowing users to visually adjust their page with the naked eye.

Even for those who have never tackled web building before, creating a website with Sparkle is easy and intuitive. A drag-and-drop

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This in-demand skill is something you can learn this weekend


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Every year, LinkedIn compiles a list of in-demand skills companies need most for the following year. This isn’t an ordinary list of career skills, rather LinkedIn surfaced the data from over 660 million professionals and 20 million jobs. They then examined the skills that are the most in demand based on hiring rate relative to the supply of individuals with those skills.

Of the top 10 hard skills companies need most in 2020, affiliate marketing ranked seventh. While other skills ranked higher, affiliate marketing is worth looking at since it’s a skill that practically anyone can learn in a relatively short amount of time.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Breaking up the two words “affiliate” and “marketing” might give you a better idea. Simply put, affiliate marketing is the act of promoting another company’s goods or services in exchange for a commission fee. This might be the first time you’ve come across the term but you’ve probably come across the actual process if you have read a “best of” list or a product review, then ended up clicking out to an Amazon product page.

Affiliate marketing is an in-demand

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The Rock’n’Roll Sci-Fi Novel A Song for a New Day Eerily Predicted Our Dystopian, Concert-less World


Pitchfork Book Club highlights today’s best new music books.

Even as readers have grown accustomed to the divination powers of science-fiction writers in these dystopian times, the plot points of Sarah Pinsker’s 2019 novel, A Song for a New Day, are next-level prescient. A sudden pandemic and a society changed by life under quarantine? Check. A people’s rebellion against draconian anti-assembling measures and questions of how we live in the future? Check. A world under curfew, reliant on delivery drones, and without mass gatherings, including live music? Check and check. Yet the value of Pinsker’s near-future story of rock musician Luce Cannon and music exec Rosemary Laws goes beyond eerie prognostication. The Nebula Award-winning book also allows us to reconsider the apparatus at the heart of contemporary music, weighing its commercial and social principles against the rituals and roles live music has long served.

The world into which A Song for a New Day was born—hit by a virus, on the verge of economic fallout, with an uprising against the policing of Black lives and a reassessment of society’s core values—has emboldened the book’s central conversation. At a moment when the power of organized voices to dream up

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10 comforting movies to watch in quarantine, as picked by HG editors


Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, people across the world have been trying to find ways to feel comforted. And with the inability to get relief from old coping mechanisms, like hanging out with friends and going to favorite restaurants, many of us have turned to streaming services to find comforting movies that will help us forget reality, even if just for a few hours.

But if you’ve already watched your favorite film way too many times to count and are looking for something new to enjoy while self-isolating, then you’ve come to the right place. The HelloGiggles team has provided a list of the comforting movies we always gravitate toward whenever we need a pick-me-up. Scroll below to see which films we selected and why you need to add them to your watch list ASAP.

A Little Princess

“Whenever I need to be transported out of reality by a feel-good story, I put on the 1995 drama A Little Princess. It’s technically a kids’ movie, but since it’s directed by Alfonso Cuaron—the guy who made Roma and Children of Men, among othersit’s visually stunning and thematically mature. Watching Sara get revenge on the evil headmaster,

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