Singer Lady A blasts Lady Antebellum over ironic lawsuit


Anita White won’t let the band formally known as Lady Antebellum “erase” her without a fight.

The Black Seattle blues singer has been performing as Lady A for more than 20 years, long before the country trio announced they were changing their name to Lady A as “Antebellum” has associations with slavery. But this week, the band sued White over the stage name and the irony isn’t lost on the 61-year-old artist.

“They claim to be allies and that they wanted to change their name out of the racist connotation, and then they sue a Black woman for the new name,” White told Rolling Stone. While she recognized Lady A wanted to shed racist undertones “to do so by taking the name on which I, a black woman, have built my career in the music industry for over 20 years is ironic.”

A spokesperson for the band told Yahoo Entertainment earlier this week they aren’t “asking anything of Anita White,” but are merely suing to share the name. That’s not how White sees it.

Anita White, the artist known as Lady A, blasts the country band Lady A for their “white privilege” in changing their name. (Photo: ladya_bluesdiva via

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15 companies hiring for jobs in the travel industry despite the coronavirus pandemic


The travel industry, first to shutdown amid the coronavirus pandemic (and most likely one of the last to reopen), is an interesting space to work in right now. It’s likely that travel may never be the same, and it will be very different at least over the next few years.

Last month the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) estimated that more than 197 million jobs could be lost in the global Travel & Tourism sector if quarantine measured remained in place around the world. Earlier this month, the organization announced that even a modest increase of one million more international arrivals into Europe could generate an extra $0.48 billion in GDP. Americans are still barred from traveling to European countries and Canada, but that doesn’t mean that the travel industry in the U.S. is doomed.

Certain aspects of the travel industry look gloomy, like United Airlines announcing the company may have to lay off 36,000 employees when the federal funding for paycheck supports expires in October, according to Skift.

Despite this announcement, there are still companies currently hiring within the travel industry, which is hopeful for anyone within the industry. Ladders put a list together of 15 companies

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Draper James, Birddogs Make List of Top 25 D-t-c Sites


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At first blush, the top direct-to-consumer brands in the second quarter appear to have little in common. There’s a maker of high-end sandals and a sustainable paint supply brand as well as a children’s apparel brand famed for its stuffed animals that convert into hoodies.

But, according to SimilarWeb’s analysis of the traffic and search data, the top brands succeed by being well aligned with the needs of their customers, offering seasonally appropriate products and tapping into key trends, such as DIY.

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SimilarWeb’s top 25 d-t-c brands include apparel label Draper James, founded by Reese Witherspoon, Millennial parent-favorite Cubcoats and men’s shorts and pants brand Birddogs, which offers products with built-in-underwear.

“Coronavirus continues to be a driving force in smaller brands’ ability to grow at the expense of established brands, but it is not the sole reason,” said Jamie Drayton, lead financial services and e-commerce consultant at SimilarWeb, in his report. “To continue growing, d-t-c brands need to consider a wide range of variables, from developing personalized offerings to adopting a social justice stance, and more.”

Drayton said the “one-size-fits-all” approach is no longer “fit for purpose —

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Google Search Upgrades Make It Harder for Websites to Win Traffic


(Bloomberg) — Type a query into the Google search bar on a smartphone and there’s a good chance the results will be dominated by advertising.

That stems from a decision in 2015 to test a fourth ad, rather than three, at the top of search results. Some employees opposed the move at the time, saying it could reduce the quality of Google’s responses, according to people familiar with the deliberations. But the company brushed aside those concerns because it was under pressure to meet Wall Street growth expectations, one of the people said.

By 2016, the extra marketing slot was a regular feature. It’s one of the many ways the search leader has altered how it presents results since its early days. Another example is the pre-packaged information Google often displays in a box at the top of a page, rather than sending users to other websites. Phased in gradually over years, changes like these have gone largely unnoticed by legions of consumers who regularly turn to Google to call up information and hunt for bargains. The company says these changes support its mission to organize the world’s information and make it useful and accessible to everyone.

But to many

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