15 Most Common Enterprise SEO Job Requirements


Do you remember the recession in 2008?

Companies were cutting back on their advertising budgets and focusing on SEO more than ever.

According to Rand Fishkin’s Moz post at the time, Why Companies Are Investing in SEO During the Economic Downturn:

“The jobs and contracts section of the Marketplace has been humming in November, and anecdotal conversations with other SEO firms tell me there’s quite a bit of business to be had for both in-house and external SEOs.

If you’re an SEO looking for work, you have probably noticed an array of requirements for various roles. From agencies to startups, medium sized to large organizations, the basic knowledge and tools needed for SEO are common, while each role and organization might need some specifics that you aren’t quite used to seeing.”

Cut to 2020 with the economic crisis forming due to the COVID-19 pandemic and we are bound to repeat ourselves.

SEO roles are popping up all over.


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According to Brian Dean at Backlinko:

“The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t slow down the number of SEO job postings. In fact, postings for SEO positions seemed to slightly increase during the height of the crisis.”

In June

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JavaScript Basics for SEO Professionals


JavaScript is the dominant language that powers the modern web.

According to Stack Overflow’s 2020 Developer Survey, JavaScript has been the most commonly used programming language for the past eight years.

But the reality is, search engines are still having issues indexing and rendering JavaScript websites.

It’s crucial for SEO professionals to understand the basics of JavaScript and collaborate with developers in the process.

In his SEJ eSummit presentation, Martin Splitt, Developer Advocate at Google, discussed how developers and SEO professionals can become a team and solve JavaScript challenges together.

He looked into a few scenarios where collaboration can bring success to a project and ways to troubleshoot technical issues with JavaScript sites.

Here’s a recap of Splitt’s presentation.

JavaScript 101 for SEOs

Why Is This So Hard?

The complexity of solving JavaScript website issues is compounded by the disconnect between SEO pros and developers.


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Oftentimes, many SEO professionals complain about developers building things that are broken in terms of SEO.

The pushback coming from developers stems from SEO professionals coming up with ridiculous requests that require developers to break good solutions or take so long to make.

When this happens, take a step back and think about

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Why & How Content Pruning Helps Your SEO


On May 4, 2020, in the midst of a pandemic and general chaos, Google rolled out another core algorithm update.

The May 2020 Core Update was the second core update of the year.

And it has come during a time in which COVID-19 has dramatically altered many users’ search behavior.

Verticals like media, finance, food, and healthcare saw major upswings in website traffic, whereas travel, transportation, and construction saw major dips.

We have observed that this core update aligns with Google’s ever-growing emphasis on high-quality content, freshness, and E-A-T.

Google stated about Core Updates:

“They’re designed to ensure that overall, we’re delivering on our mission to present relevant and authoritative content to searchers.”

This brings us to the topic of content pruning.

What happens when information on your site is outdated or no longer accurate/relevant?

Well, based on what we’ve seen with this latest core update, your website will likely struggle to rank organically.

If your website has a wealth of old blog posts, product pages, announcements, etc., then now is the time to “prune.”


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In other words, you want Google and other search engines to see the content they can trust –

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‘They are yet again using their privilege’


The dispute over the name Lady A has gotten ugly.

Seattle-based blues singer Lady A is opening up about the legal issue between her and country band Lady A, which recently changed its name from Lady Antebellum and sued her to continue to use it after they failed to reach an agreement.

“At this point, I’m not surprised by anything they would do,” Lady A, whose real name is Anita White, told Rolling Stone after the group took legal action. “When they talked about how talks broke down, they never talked outside of trying to get me to do what they wanted me to do, which is coexist, and that’s something I never wanted. I stand by that. I’ve said it so many times.”

White, 61, said the band’s decision to change its moniker has consequences for her, especially when it comes to fans trying to find her.

“They said they were going to do their best efforts at insuring that my name could stay out in the forefront (with SEO and streaming services),” she said. “Before them, my name was under theirs; I could find myself easily, no problem. Now you can’t find me anywhere, so their ability

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