You Don’t Have to Code to Be Great at SEO


You don’t want me to code your website.

Anyone who has ever worked with me, all the way from first grade until now, will tell you that I’m good at some things, and awful at others.

Any task that requires exceptional detail will take me twice as long as most people to finish.

And when I finish a detailed task, I will be physically and mentally drained.

But I do have gifts.

I can see the big picture better than most.

I may not be the best at implementing the details of the project – but I’ve rarely found anyone as good at defining what needs to be done as I am.

I understand how and what the technology can do, even if actually making it do what is required can sometimes be a personal struggle.

Does that make me a bad SEO professional?

Python, JavaScript & Automation – Oh My!

There is a movement in the SEO community encouraging practitioners to upgrade their coding skills.


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SEO professionals are being encouraged to learn coding languages that can help them automate many of the tasks that are typically done manually.

In particular, search marketers are being encouraged

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Do Links to Noindex Pages Help SEO?


This week’s Ask an SEO question comes from Susan from Texas. She writes:

“I have a URL blocked in my robots file. I just learned that one of our marketing managers told everyone at a meeting to link to this specific URL because “it will help our SEO.”

Will all those people linking to a page on our website that I set to noindex really help our SEO or will it be null and void to have all these links pointing to a page that I have set to noindex?”

Thanks, Susan, and great question!

For this answer, I’m going to start from the basics in case someone newer to SEO is reading and would like the background.

TL;DR – yes and no. It depends on the situation. I’d need to know your website to verify.

The Difference Between Robots.txt & Meta Robots

There are two types of robots we could be talking about – robots.txt and meta robots.


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It sounds like you’re referencing a robots.txt file.

  • Robots.txt: This is a file that guides spiders and bots through what to crawl and not focus on during a crawl. It works more as an ignore these
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This WordPress SEO plugin might leave your website vulnerable to attack


Wordfence’s Threat Intelligence team has discovered a vulnerability in a WordPress plugin installed on over two million sites called All In One SEO Pack.

If exploited, the flaw could allow authenticated users with contributor level access or higher to inject malicious scripts which are executed when a victim accesses the wp-admin panel’s ‘all posts’ page.

After discovering this medium severity security issue, Wordfence reached out to the plugin’s team and All In One SEO Pack received a patch to fix the issue just a few days later.

Users of the plugin should update to the latest version of All In One SEO Pack (3.6.2) immediately to avoid falling victim to any potential attacks that try to exploit the now patched vulnerability.

All In One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is a WordPress plugin that provides several SEO features to help a site’s content rank higher on Google and other search engines.

As part of the plugin’s functionality, it allows users with the ability to create or edit posts to set an SEO title and description directly from a post as they are working on it. This feature is available to all users with the ability to create posts

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How Would an SEO Agency Be Built Today: Current Business Model(s)


Why Do Customers Buy the Agency’s Services?

How Would an SEO Agency Be Built Today: Current Business Model(s)

In terms of positioning, there are specific patterns to take into account based on customer segmentation and more:

  • How well does the agency address the customer segment needs?
  • What is the distinction in terms of price, services, methods, etc.?
  • What is the brand angle?

If we think about vertical-focused agencies, then the distinction is upfront: deep expertise in an industry makes them the appropriate choice for those client segments.

If we look at the expertise angle, there are other ways to showcase it – know-how of a technology vendor like Magento or Shopify or by unique proprietary software and algorithms which underline deep tech, data knowledge (e.g., Upswing’s COVID-19 Data Trends or TitanBOT from Titan Growth).

If the approach is the angle, then there is always the full-service digital positioning which implies executing complex projects from start to finish: strategy, creation, social, design, and so on.

Or a mix of services and price: bundles of SEO services sold at a monthly fixed price just like a regular subscription, which gives the client a sense of control.

There’s also the delivery angle which is less used: explaining a manifesto or methodology. It’s more than

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