10 comforting movies to watch in quarantine, as picked by HG editors


Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, people across the world have been trying to find ways to feel comforted. And with the inability to get relief from old coping mechanisms, like hanging out with friends and going to favorite restaurants, many of us have turned to streaming services to find comforting movies that will help us forget reality, even if just for a few hours.

But if you’ve already watched your favorite film way too many times to count and are looking for something new to enjoy while self-isolating, then you’ve come to the right place. The HelloGiggles team has provided a list of the comforting movies we always gravitate toward whenever we need a pick-me-up. Scroll below to see which films we selected and why you need to add them to your watch list ASAP.

A Little Princess

“Whenever I need to be transported out of reality by a feel-good story, I put on the 1995 drama A Little Princess. It’s technically a kids’ movie, but since it’s directed by Alfonso Cuaron—the guy who made Roma and Children of Men, among othersit’s visually stunning and thematically mature. Watching Sara get revenge on the evil headmaster,

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8 pre-quarantine habits we’re ditching post-quarantine


Quarantine has placed a magnifying glass on our daily habits—the good, the bad, and the ugly. But along with highlighting habits we’d like to change, social distancing has forced us to forgo many of the day-to-day habits we cherish. Can’t spend an hour commuting into work on a packed train? No problem. Can’t get your hair cut for three months? That’s a problem.

However, when we’re forced to adapt to a different lifestyle, we might realize that certain habits shouldn’t lie so high on our priority lists—or even be on them at all. Losing access to things we’re used to, whether it’s services (like those sacred haircuts), structures (a 9-to-5 office life), or people (friends or coworkers)—shows us whether we really want them in our lives after all. From over-scheduling and not allowing time for spontaneity to tolerating friends who take more than they give, these are the pre-quarantine habits that HelloGiggles editors are kicking to the curb post-quarantine.

Spending money on bi-monthly gel manicures

Before quarantine, I was a die-hard gel manicure fan. Twice a month, like clockwork, I headed to the nail salon to refresh my gel mani, handing over $60 in cash each time.

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This generation has changed their views on spending the most because of coronavirus


The coronavirus pandemic stopped most of us in our tracks, making us reevaluate how we work, travel, and even how we shop for clothes or groceries. When the virus caused us all to stay at home in March, people all over the country began reevaluating many aspects of their lives.

From spending to mental health, a new survey of 1,000 Americans, conducted between June 15 and 17 by Propeller Insights on behalf of Kindur as a part of Silvur’s New Retirement Normal campaign, reveals how people in the U.S. have shifted their opinions on wide-ranging topics.

How many Americans want to save more money?

Individuals financial situations during the pandemic vary widely. While many were laid off or furloughed from their jobs, others were saving money by not commuting, not eating out, and not frequenting bars for an after-work drink. No matter the situation, it’s clear that many professionals have been mindful of their finances, with 72.4% of respondents reporting that the pandemic has changed the way they think about spending.

The change in opinion on spending varies slightly between generations, with Millennials coming out on top as the generation most likely to change the way they

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Why Booking Holdings (BKNG) Could be a Winner for the Long-Term


If you are looking for the best ideas for your portfolio you may want to consider some of Wedgewood Partners top stock picks. Wedgewood Partners, an investment management firm, is bullish on Booking Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:BKNG) stock. In its Q4 2019 investor letter – you can download a copy here – the firm discussed its investment thesis on Booking Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:BKNG) stock. Booking Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:BKNG) offers online travel and related services. The stock is down 23.4% since the Wedgewood Partners pitch in January 2020. The stock is down amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Wedgewood believes that Booking Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:BKNG) is a long-term growth stock in an attractive and growing industry. The company is expected to benefit from the changed advertising strategy. The company is shifting away from SEO advertising which in turn would positively impact its bookings.

For the quarter ended December 31st, 2019, Wedgewood Partners fund recorded a return of 9.57%, compared to 10.62% of  Russell 1000 Growth Index and 9.07% of S&P 500 Index. This brings its 2019 full-year return to 31.96%, compared to 36.39% of  Russell 1000 Growth Index and 31.49% of S&P 500 Index.

Let’s take

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