How we’re finding calm, from virtual piano lessons to poetry


Flattening the curve by self-isolating at home is a small sacrifice during the coronavirus pandemic, but it’s not without its challenges. How does one ward off loneliness in the absence of community? What can we do to keep anxiety at bay during such an emotionally fraught time? How do we fill the hours stretching out before us, and use this time to make connections, pursue long-neglected hobbies and discover new ones, and inject a little positivity and calm into our everyday lives?

Introducing The Unwind, a new, recurring feature in which Yahoo staffers share the ways we’re finding moments of peace, levity and inspiration during these trying times. From adopting soothing strategies to boost our mental health, to losing ourselves to virtual social calls, newfound passions and other joyous diversions, these are the things getting us through. The days may feel uncertain, but beauty and bright spots abound.

For more, check out the last edition of The Unwind.

Working with colorful dried flowers has given Chrissy Nguyen a "mental pick-me-up." (Photo: Chrissy Nguyen)
Working with colorful dried flowers has given Chrissy Nguyen a “mental pick-me-up.” (Photo: Chrissy Nguyen)

Flower arranging

Before quarantine, I never could resist picking up a flower bouquet during any of my random grocery runs. I’d throw them in an

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What Is High Quality Content material For WEBSITE POSITIONING In 2018 (And How To Create It)


It is really given me an concept to create a Google Doc Spreadsheet with a few of my finest (and most shared) articles in that I can hyperlink to each time I sent out an outreach.

content seo tips

Guest Post,Backlinks Service,Content SEO,Link BuildingWEB OPTIMIZATION Content is an article, post, page, or other consumable with particular marketing goal. The company maintains direct relationships with hundreds of high quality web site publishers, allowing their purchasers to procure extremely related links from very prime quality web sites. I’ve but to see a device this correct with regards to checking out backlinks. Incoming links are votes that assist engines like google distinguish essential websites from not so vital.

For example, let’s say you wrote a guest put up on a blog with 20,000 guests daily and your guest submit was considered 5,000 times. Bloggers link to content that is innovative, unique, and super helpful. It’s not a flawless plan since they will all the time rip off your work or (if you’re emailing a number of sources) you’ll be able to accidentally double-put up that put up, however I’ve seen a much faster response time and much more observe by means of by creating that ease for … Read More

Silicon Valley can fight systemic racism by supporting Black-owned businesses – TechCrunch


As the United States sees its second week of large-scale protests against police brutality, it’s painfully clear that the country’s racial divide requires significant short- and long-term action. But most of these calls for change gloss over the role Silicon Valley can and should play in mending the racial divide.

Right now, activists are rightfully urging the public to take two crucial steps: vote out state and local government leaders and support Black-owned businesses. Both steps are necessary, but the importance of the latter has been largely overshadowed. Leaders can enact policy change, but much of the structural racial disparity in the U.S. is economic. Black workers are vastly overrepresented in low-paying agricultural, domestic and service jobs.

They’re also far more likely to be unemployed (in normal economic circumstances, and especially during the pandemic). A Stanford University study found that only 1% of Black-owned businesses receive loans in their first year. That’s seven times lower than the percentage for white businesses.

Put simply, enacting new laws and overturning old ones won’t suddenly reverse decades of biased investment decisions. That’s why all over social media, there are grassroots pushes to shop Black. Apps like WeBuyBlack and eatOkra collate businesses

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Why your brand should be on Giphy — what you need to know about GIF SEO


ROI (return of investment) is therefore mainly views and impressions – so although its rare they drive traffic, it is a free way of getting your brand out there for consumers to see. Because of this, more brands are jumping on the Giphy bandwagon such as our own client Missguided, and Gymshark too.

Giphy is being leveraged as a serious marketing channel – here’s how you can do this too

On Giphy – you can create and upload video content and make them into short GIFs, to then be used hopefully by millions. But first, you need to create a brand channel. This is free and easy to set up but before your GIFs can be publicly available in search, you’ll need to have a verified brand channel. To get a verified brand Giphy channel, follow this guide.

The application process is easy; you just need to prove you’re a legitimate company, have a professional website, a modest social media following, and upload 5-10 original (quality) GIFs to your account. It typically takes 2-14 days to get verified and then you’re ready to go across all platforms including social media.

How to optimize your gif content to get

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